Goal Setting Steps

Have you ever have that feeling when you first start a new goal, that this time it’s for real, you’re filled with excitement and motivation, that you’re unstoppable, nothing is getting in your way THIS time!
How long does that feeling usually last for, for you?
Why do some people give up so easy on their goals? Why can’t we take that initial passion that we had when we were setting our initial goal, and see it through to the end?
At the first obstacle, or when things start to begin to get hard, most people self sabotage and give up instead of pushing through the obstacle to reach their goal.
We are all created the same; you can reach that goal if you believe you can. There will be resistance at first, but if you’re willing to get through any hard times, you will reach your target.
But how do you get through that resistance, and make it to your goal?

Here are a couple of questions I usually ask myself when first setting a new goal.

  1. Why do I want this goal?
    Look at the big picture; what do you want to get from this particular goal. Why do you want that particular possession, money or career? You could end up with a long list of Whys. Keep asking yourself why again and again for every answer you come up with until you come down to the real why of wanting this. Be passionate about what you really want.
  2. Do I deserve this goal?
    A lot of people put up barriers when goal setting thinking that they are asking for too much, or that if they do ask for that particular thing they don’t really deserve having it. A lot of people fail as they feel that they don’t deserve having it.
    You need to believe that you do deserve it. It could within arms reach but if you feel you don’t deserve having it in your life, you will just let it pass by. Believe that you do deserve it.
    You must also understand that there are several smaller goals within your major goal. Break them down into smaller goals, never losing sight of the major target.The only way you will reach your goal is by taking action. It’s not going to magically appear on your step over night, you need to have a clear plan and always know that you are going to reach it, no matter what resistance may happen along the line.
  3. Don’t give up. All successful people have reached their goal by becoming focussed on what they want, and doing the actions needed to get there. You are responsible for you; you won’t change anything in your life unless you are willing to change it.

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