Importance of Interests and Hobbies in Your Job Interview

According to leading analysts and researchers in career development field there is a large number of people who like to mention their hobbies and interests in their professional resumes. The figure goes beyond 90%. The most common of these are Internet, traveling, music, friends and reading.

It is an opportunity for you as well as for the interviewer to talk to the person deep inside you, the hidden you. This is a path to discover yourself and the best interviewers know how to get the most out of it. When you mention them in your resume make sure you know what you have written rather than just being inspired by someone’s resume or just straight away copying one. The reason for knowing the stuff is because your hobbies and interests are suppose to reflect what you actually are and what are you really passionate about. And most importantly if you know your stuff then you have chance to steer the direction of interview according to your wishes.

Some of the basics you must learn and understand before you start mentioning your interests and hobbies into your resume are discussed here in this article e.g.

First and most important of all the basics is state the facts, meaning only mention the hobbies and interests which actually are yours and you are not making up for the sake of resume building. if there is not any thing you think is a hobby or interest for you then give birth to one and make yourself passionate about that. Whenever you get some time free you should always start on your interests or hobbies till the time that it gives you satisfaction and comfort.

Second try adapting hobbies that are not very common or should we say they are unique and if not then try presenting them in a unique manner that would help the interviewer to think about it, may be get curious and ask questions about the same.

Be honest to yourself and at all times maintain it. Make your hobbies relatable and if you have more than one and have mentioned more than one hobbies in your resume try to talk about the the one in more detail which interviewer looks curious about. And if you have good knowledge about the hobby you may very well be able to get extra points from the interviewer.

And if you do not have a hobby, it’s not something you can ignore. Hobbies can not only give you enough ideas to kill time and enjoy instead but also play great role in developing personalities.